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5mm Tortoise Patent Leather Bracelet for Women with Silver Half Cuff Magnetic Clasp


5mm Tortoise Patent Leather Bracelet for Women with Silver Half Cuff Magnetic Clasp

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for ONE 5mm Tortoise Leather Magnetic Cuff only.


  • Handmade in Massachusetts with genuine tortoise patent leather (5mm)
  • Silver half cuff clasp is magnetic for simple but secure closure
  • Meant to be worn fitted - see details below for sizing instructions

This tortoise leather cuff bracelet features a silver half cuff magnetic clasp. It’s the perfect bracelet to wear by itself for a simple jewelry look or use as a stacking bracelet with other bracelets in your collection. The 5mm leather features a lovely delicate pattern that’s still neutral, and the slightly glossy patent leather finish offers a unique shine.

Whether you’re headed to the office, a date night out or just want to look and feel good while staying in, this simple thin tortoise leather bracelet for women offers timeless, minimalist style.

The silver half cuff magnetic clasp adds unique interest to this piece. While wearing the cuff, half of the leather and half of the metal clasp should be showing on the top of the wrist.


  • Made from genuine tortoise patent leather, 5mm wide
  • Silver half cuff clasp features magnetic closure, made from silver alloy called Zamak
  • This cuff is lead free and nickel free


This tortoise leather cuff bracelet is meant to be fitted. It is not meant to spin while wearing it. Half leather and half of the metal should show on top while wearing it.

Our cuffs are available in size 6, 6.25 and size 6.5. All sizes are based inside measurement. Please Note: Custom sizes are available by request but can not be exchanged or returned. Be sure to use measuring instructions provided before ordering.

To ensure proper sizing, please follow the instructions below:

  • Step One: Use a fabric tape measure to wrap snugly around your wrist, including the bump/bone of your wrist.
  • Step Two: Add ¼” to your wrist measurement.
  • Step Three: Choose the size closest to your final measurement - either 6” or 6.5”.

This tortoise leather cuff bracelet is shipped in a cloth drawstring bag emblazoned with a Lindsay Jordan Handmade logo. The packaging is gifting-ready and perfect for sending to friends and family when you can’t be together for an anniversary, birthday or holiday event.


There are different methods to clean Zamak. In addition, we must be aware of not using certain products, such as chemicals or acids. You should also avoid spraying them with perfumes or colognes, as well as rubbing with creams since these products erode the bracelet making the metal lose its shine.


As we said, there are several methods to clean parts made with this material. Below, please find details of the different options:


This option consists of mixing white vinegar with water or soap with a neutral pH (they have little lime, and lack aroma and color). Dip a sponge in the mixture and clean the pieces gently. Finally, dry the pieces with a dry cloth and the pieces will be like new.


This option involves mixing a glass of hot or warm water with a tablespoon of white vinegar and another tablespoon of clear dish detergent. Mix gently to avoid creating a lot of bubbles. This mixture can be sprayed onto the Zamak clasp and gently rubbed with a cloth.


Since the Zamak contains silver plating, we can use metal-cleaning suede or wipes to clean the silver.

These will restore shine and ensure deep cleaning, in addition to adding long-lasting protection.


Remember to never use the following products to clean Zamak parts:

  • Paper, cellulose sponges, or plastic, would cause damage to brightness and color.
  • Acidic liquids.

Also, try to keep Zamak pieces separate to avoid friction between several pieces. They can be stored in a box or a cotton bag, in this way we will also avoid unnecessary exposure to light and air, preventing them from darkening.